io◆n or less. Filin○g requirements i○n th

est◆ment, includi■ng bigger ◆steps in ex○panding openi●ng-up and tackling ●protectionism.I○t also was ■decided that th■e legitimate○ interests ○of foreign inv◆estors wil◆l be better prote○cted. All infri〓ngements, counterfe○iting, violation■s of commercial○ secrets

e pilot 〓program will b

gre●ater flexibility●

in managi

and "tra〓demark squatting" wi〓ll be severely d〓ealt with. 〓The compensation c●eiling for intelle●ctual prop■erty infringements w○ill be signif●icantly raised. ■Developmen〓t zones at● national le〓vels will be encour◆aged to le〓ad efforts to ●better abso◆rb foreign invest■ment.More p■olicy support● in credit l●ines, land〓 use and social○ security will h〓elp reduce○ business c■osts. Foreign in■vestors will be enco〓uraged to inves◆t more in c○entral and■ western regions and● in sectors like m〓odern agriculture, ○ecological〓 preservation, adv■anced manufact■uring and mod■ern services."〓We need to aim hig■her in attracti●ng foreign invest○ment. We sho●uld raise our innova〓tion capacity in ○the new round of op○ening-up and● see that all in〓tellectual pr●operty is ◆fully protected○. No forced ●technology transfer● will ever be imp◆osed on foreign-i●nvested enterpr〓ises and IPR infr●ingements wil●l be penal■ized to the full e■xtent of the law,"〓 Li said.Please sc〓an the QR Code to〓 follow us on In〓stagramPlease scan t●he QR Code to ■follow us on ◆WechatHome appl◆iance maker ■em

braces intellige■nt equipmentHom●e appliance make■r embraces in○telligent equipm〓entHome applia●nce maker e●mbraces intellig○ent equipment03○-19-2018 14:18 B●JTGree, a major ■Chinese home a◆ppliance make●r, is ramping ◆up efforts in i〓ntelligent manufact●uring by setting u●p unmanned ◆factories a◆nd using i◆ndustrial robots ○in a varie○ty of prod○uction cycles, as p■art of its◆ broader push to u●pgrade the〓 country's manufactu■ring indus◆try."We have e○ight manufa◆cturing bases acr■oss the country■, most of which a●re unmanned■ factories. C◆hina must master ■core techn●ologies to grow● into a manuf●acturing power," Do●ng Ming

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